2019 Finished Quilts

I finished 37 quilts (!!) in 2019. That number astounds me, because when I started quilting I never thought I’d make close to 40 quilts in a single year. If you want to make 2020 the year you keep track of your WIPs, you can download my free printable, which is what I personally use as well!

I count a completed quilt as one that got finished within that year. So although some of these were WIPs I carried into 2019, I managed to get them quilted and bound and *finished* in 2019. (This evens itself out since I carry WIPs into every year).

Now, on to the quilts! Most of them have their own blog posts, so click on the caption to read more about each one!

12 baby quilts:

Sidewalk Chalk Quilt
Etoile Quilt
Charm Square Quilt
Ships in the Night Mini
Double Mountain Quilt

24 throw quilts:

I Heart You
Low Volume Improv
Celtic Crossing

1 bed quilt:

Celtic Crossing Quilt

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