Dog Collar with Bowtie | Finished Project

Serious Riley watching the tennis courts and wondering what he’s doing here instead

Of course, I had to take Riley out on a small photoshoot. I intended on hitting a few tennis balls in the court first to let him run off energy, but there were people who were actually playing tennis. The nerve. So, plan B was to head straight into the photoshoot, and let me tell you, my model was not pleased. Not pleased at all. All I got was a lot of RPF (Resting Poodle Face, also known as the look you get when your poodle is displeased with you).

“This is my best Resting Poodle Face”

Happily, the people who were playing finished up rather quickly and we were able to hop on the court for those long-awaited balls. A 10 minute ball chase and I finally had a cooperative model.

Happy baby after a good play session.

I used Riley Blake Designs basics for both the collar and bowtie. The collar is made with Blossom fabric in Navy, and the bowtie is Swiss Dot in Teal. And the bowtie is removable! Which means if I make him like 15 others I can switch out which one he wears. Mix and matching bowties to the season or my outfit? Check!

I’m working on a tutorial for both the collar and bowtie. The collar tutorial will feature 4 sizes so no matter what size your furry friend is, I got you covered.

Author: Eliane Bergmann

Hi! I'm Eliane! (pronounced L-EEE-ON) I love creating modern quilts and other sewing projects too. Follow along as I document my projects and take a million photos of my miniature poodle Riley along the way

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