2020 Year in Review

Full disclosure, I’m writing this blog post as we head into 2022. Apparently at the end of last year I didn’t feel like creating a year in review post. Maybe I was just looking to firmly put 2020 in the past and never speak of it again? However, so much good stuff also happened that a 2020 Year in Review is warranted. 2020 was the year I introduced paper patterns and scaled up my business. It was a momentous year and one to celebrate, despite whatever else was happening. So, without further ado, 2020 Year in Review!

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This year I finished 17 quilts and wrote 5 patterns.

The Patterns:

The Quilts:

Most of these have a blog post, so click on the caption to read more!

Linear Mini Quilt

Etoile Solids

Baby Modern Crossing

Improv Twin Size


Zippy in Golden Hour

Modern Crossing in Wildflower

Scrappy Bear Path

Baby Etoile

Inkling in Posy

Bear Path in Color Theory

There were also plenty of free tutorials and patterns released this year! As well as the Harvest Star Quilt Along and the Inkling Quilt Along!

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