Aurifil November Project: Holiday Stocking

A modern Christmas quilted stocking

For my November Aurifil Artisan project, I decided to lean into the Christmas spirit with a holiday stocking! I was provided with the fabrics and corresponding thread from Free Spirit Fabrics and Aurifil and was told to do whatever I wished with it!

I thought long and hard about how to turn these fabrics into something that was reflective of my style, and this holiday stocking really hit the mark.

For the front of my holiday stocking, I created a lone star block that finishes at 14.5″. In addition to the two fabrics I was provided, I added in a white solid to help make the lone star block shine. I used my free quilted stocking tutorial to create this Christmas stocking (large size). A full how-to on the lone star block is coming soon! The best way to know when a new tutorial hits the blog is to subscribe to my newsletter.

Modern stocking at home on the mantle

I didn’t have a ton of fabric to work with, so I actually ended up only making half a lone star block for the front of the stocking. I really thought through fabric placement and I’m so happy with how this turned out. It looks like a pink snowflake to me! It looks really beautiful in a variety of different decor styles. This holiday stocking is a lovely modern twist to this traditional block.

I auditioned the fabric placement in Adobe Illustrator because I didn’t want to end up short on fabric! I tried adding a variety of other fabrics and prints but in the end going minimalistic really made the Tula Pink fabric shine as the star.

Lone Star holiday stocking in Tula Pink and Aurifil thread

For the back of the stocking I used some leftover strips to create this diagonal stripe motif. I ended up pulling a solid magenta from my stash since I was short on the light pink background fabric and was really stretching it to work. I’m a big fan of stockings that can be hung both ways. Some people prefer them pointing right and some pointing left.

I quilted the entire stocking with Aurifil 50 weight thread in #2479. My favorite part is the contrast of the darker pink thread on the lighter pink background fabric. I especially like how it extends the lone star on the front of the stocking.

Back of pink holiday stocking

All the leftover Tula Pink fabric I had I used for the lining of the stocking. So although the outside is pretty restrained, the inside of the stocking is a riot of color! How fun, right?

This stocking was a blast to make and stretch my creativity. I don’t usually use a lot of pink so creating something that I loved was a challenge. However, I love a good challenge! Thanks Aurifil and Free Spirit for the fabrics and the chance to be creative!

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