Dog Bowtie | A Tutorial

I mentioned recently making Riley a new collar and bowtie and promised a tutorial was coming. Well, it is here! There’s a shocking lack of dog bowtie tutorials out on the internet, so hopefully my little corner of the internet can fix that somewhat.

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Hand Embroidered Converse Shoes | A Makeover

A couple of years ago, I got into a converse-buying phase and ended up with a few too many pairs. Unfortunately, I quickly found which ones were my favorites and the rest ended up cast aside. Recently, wanted to jump back into some hand-embroidery (something I used to do a lot), I thought it would be fun to makeover one of my pairs into something I’d want to wear again.

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Dog Collar | A Tutorial

With all the amazing fabrics on the market, making your special pup a one-of-a-kind collar is a cinch! My tutorial features a super soft cotton outside for sensitive skins and a solid nylon core for durability and strength.

This tutorial covers how to make a dog collar in four sizes:

  • X-SMALL: Fits neck size 8″ – 12″
  • SMALL: Fits neck size 10″ – 16″
  • MEDIUM: Fits neck size 14″ – 20″
  • LARGE: Fits neck size 18″ – 24″
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