big stitch hand binding variations tutorial

Big Stitch Binding Variations

big stitch hand binding variations tutorial

So, since you’ve watched the Big Stitch Binding video and tutorial, you’re now a pro and you’re looking to do more? Well, look no further, as today I’m bringing you two big stitch binding variations in video tutorial! Watch below to learn how to do the modified blanket stitch and the big x’s binding variations. There’s also a photo tutorial for the modified blanket stitch on the blog here.

New to big stitch hand binding? Be sure to watch the original video and tutorial for all the supplies and how-to!

Big stitch hand binding adds such a lovely finished touch to your quilts. You can combine these two variations along with the original one to create a fun and unique binding on your quilt! In my example, you’ll see how I used both the modified blanket stitch and the x’s to mimic the stars and stripes on the front of this placemat. You can also sprinkle these variations within a binding where you’re doing mostly original big stitch binding.


Big Stitch Binding Variations:

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