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Quilt Coat | A Finished Project

I MADE A QUILT COAT!!! Have you seen quilt coats floating around the internet lately? Oh friends I knew I had to make one too. This one, actually, is my wearable muslin but I think it has graduated to “actual clothes” since I love it so much. My neighbor told me I was channelling ketchup & mustard vibes and Jason called it a Harry Potter cloak but I’ll forgive them both because this is officiallyContinue reading

Quilt Sweater | Woven Hearts

I know, we haven’t passed Christmas yet, but as a pattern writer, I’m always thinking ahead. And I’m so excited to announce my next pattern, Woven Hearts! Woven Hearts will release before Valentine’s Day next year! To celebrate, I used Riley Blake Designs’ newest collection, Sending Love, and turned a Woven Hearts block into a quilt sweater! Quilt Coats are all the rage this year, and for good reason. ‘Tis the year for all theContinue reading

Quilt Coat Pattern Round-Up

So you want to make a quilt coat? Not sure where to start? As quilters, we have a good grasp on the “quilt” portion of the quilt coat, but the “coat” portion? Hmmm. Luckily, coats are pretty forgiving clothing, so if anything, I suggest you jump in and try! In this blog post I’m going to detail patterns I considered when making my quilt coat and suggestions for fabrics. What’s a muslin? And do IContinue reading

Toddler Quilt Coat

I’m still working my courage up to an adult-sized quilt coat! I first made a dog quilt coat, and since that was a success, I decided to work on a human quilt coat, but, not quite adult sized ;). I thought a toddler quilt coat was a good next step into garment making. To make my quilt coat, I first needed a pattern! I found this free quilt coat pattern for toddler size 2-2.5 fromContinue reading

Whole Cloth Hand Quilted Quilt

This month’s Aurifil Artisan challenge was a whole cloth quilt. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to do organic hand quilting. This is something that I’ve wanted to try for a while but didn’t have the push to do so, until now! Although hard to capture correctly in photographs, the top fabric is a Windham Artisan Cotton Solid Aqua/White. I love the softness and lovely drape of Artisan Cottons! Huge thank you to Windham forContinue reading

Zippy | Golden Hour

How gorgeous are these fabrics? I was lucky enough to get fabric from Ruby Star Society’s newest collection, Golden Hour, in order to make a Zippy Quilt! You can see my quilt featured in their promotional video below: I had to snap a few photos of Riley on this Golden Hour Zippy Quilt before I sent it to Ruby Star Society. How cute is he? Oh, and if you’re wondering how I get him toContinue reading