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Pojagi Inspired Cloth Napkins

Pojagi is a form of Korean hand stitching where your seams are fully enclosed, creating a beautiful, reversible piece. I first saw Daisy from Warm Folk talk about it, and I knew it was something I wanted to try for myself. Since the beauty of Pojagi is seeing both sides of your finished piece, this technique would work well for placemats, curtains, a simple linen shirt, apron, or table runner. Here’s some examples of traditionalContinue reading

Inkling | Whatnot Fabric

Ruby Star Society released their Spring 2020 collections recently and oh boy are they beautiful. Among them is Whatnot by Rashida Coleman Hale, which I was lucky enough to use for an Inkling quilt! Inkling is now available in the shop! Find it in both pdf and paper versions. Whatnot will ship to quilt shops in the fall. I love the bright, cheery colors and that some of the prints are almost an i-spy gameContinue reading

Inkling | Posy Fabric

The moment I saw this fabric line, I knew it needed to become an Inkling quilt STAT! Isn’t it lovely? It is Posy fabric by Annabel Wrigley for Windham Fabrics and it releases this November. I was lucky enough to get my hot little hands on an advance bundle in time to create this Inkling quilt for the release. Buy Inkling! I chose my 16 favorite prints from the Posy fabric collection to make theContinue reading

Etoile Quilt | Baby Version

Because making three throw sizes wasn’t enough, I went ahead and made a baby size Etoile quilt too. I pulled from stash for this quilt as well, using Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons for the yellow, purple, and white sections. I’m sorry, I don’t know color names on these! I used leftover backing cut-offs from my Concrete Jungle quilt for a pop of print! Etoile is now available in my shop! Other Versions: Etoile coverContinue reading

More Visible Mending! This time, socks

When I went to Quiltcon back in February, I brought along with me some visible mending I needed to do. I had a lot of people come up to me and ask me why I was mending socks?? I mean, isn’t it just easier to go buy more? Well, maybe. But the truth is that I knit these socks myself, years ago, and I love them. And since I rarely knit anymore because it causesContinue reading

Visible Mending | Hemming Jeans

I’ve started clothes shopping pretty exclusively at thrift stores, especially for jeans. I often find jeans in great condition for just a couple of bucks. Knowing the ecological cost of producing jeans, buying them secondhand makes me very happy. Not only that, but I’ve found myself much more likely to use them, wear them out, and get them dirty when I only spent a handful of dollars. The “fear” of ruining good jeans goes away!Continue reading