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Creating the Ultimate Quilting Room

Organizing your space can seem daunting. Too much fabric, too little shelving? That’s a problem I’ve encountered more than once as my love for quilting has grown and my space has… well, not. Redfin has a great article where they asked a bunch of us quilters to weigh in on how to create the ultimate quilting room. You can read all the tips from various quilters here. As for me? My biggest tip is toContinue reading

Washing and Mending a Vintage Quilt

I recently bought a vintage quilt online, sight unseen, to use as part of my Quilt Coat Course. If you’re not a quilter, you can still make a quilt coat by using an existing quilt! I got a great deal on this quilt, but mainly because it came to me filthy dirty. Like, I didn’t want to touch it without gloves dirty. I went down a rabbit hole of how to wash this quilt andContinue reading

Tips for Better Machine Binding Quilts

Machine binding your quilt can be as beautiful as it is rewarding! When I’m not big stitch hand binding, I’m machine binding my quilts for a quick finish. Here’s some great tips for stress-free machine binding: 1. Zig-Zag your quilt sandwich: After trimming your quilt square, even if you’ve performed a Victory Lap, go ahead and zig-zag all the way around your quilt sandwich with a wide zig-zag. This helps keep all those edges together,Continue reading

Victory Lap! A quilt top celebratory stitch!

You’ve stitched that final row on a quilt top together! Time to celebrate with a victory lap! A victory lap in quilting is when you stitch all the way around the perimeter of your quilt top. This keeps all of your seams from unraveling during the basting and quilting process. A victory lap is especially helpful for quilt tops with a lot of seams, since those are more likely to pull on each other andContinue reading

Magnetic Thread Storage

There’s a wall in my sewing room that’s pretty much “dead space”. It is right when you walk into the room, and it is too narrow to put an actual shelving unit, and yet, as someone who needs to maximize every inch of her sewing space, I brainstormed what I could do to make it usable. I especially was looking for more thread storage with my growing collection of hand quilting thread. I wanted somethingContinue reading

Decorative Stitches for Quilting

Getting bored of quilting straight lines? Want to quilt something else, but also don’t want it to be too complicated or difficult? Well, let me introduce you to decorative stitches! In this post I’ll cover three different decorative stitches I use on my Janome machine that add such a fun quilted touch! I’ll show you the stitch length I use so that you can replicate the results. If you don’t have a Janome, check yourContinue reading