Big-Stitch Hand-Binding Variation | A Tutorial


So now you’ve mastered Big-Stitch Hand-Binding and you’re looking for more. Well, look no further! Today I bring you a big-stitch hand-binding variation, a modified blanket stitch. This method of binding provides so much amazing texture and depth to the edge of your quilt! So, let’s get started!

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Baptist Fan Hand-Quilting | A Tutorial

Ahh, the Baptist fan. Is there anything more classic? Several months ago I did this design for the first time on my improv throw pillows, and I loved the look and texture it provided! So when I decided to quilt one of my Misty Mountains versions with this design, I knew I had to snap some pictures along the way so you could try it too!

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Big-Stitch Hand-binding | A Tutorial


The one thing I get asked about more often than anything else is how to do chunky, big-stitch hand-binding. I’ve fielded every question, such as: does it go through all the layers? Do you use a special needle? What thread is best? I’ll be answering all your questions and more today!

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