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I started making quilted coats last fall and quickly fell in love with the process. There’s something magical about taking a cozy quilt and transforming it into an even cozier coat! I started a search for the perfect quilt coat, but came up disappointed. Coat 1 had a hood but no way to close it up, which is a must in Wisconsin. Coat 2 had a closure method but no hood or collar. Coat 3 was way too big. And so the list went on. Finally, I figured out the solution was to draft my OWN quilted coat pattern and share it with all of you!

Introducing the Patchwork Chore Coat by Patchwork & Poodles!

The Patchwork Chore Coat was specifically designed for quilted fabric. It is the perfect pattern for turning your favorite vintage quilt (or new quilt!) into a coat! The Patchwork Chore Coat has a relaxed, but not oversized fit. If you prefer an oversized coat, go up one size. Special considerations have been taken to finishing the seams, especially the bulky underarm seams. Pattern details out different seam finishing methods, including a binding option that allows the coat to be reversible. YES! Reversible!

View A features a classic chore coat collar. View B features a three-piece hood. Both views have one length and one closure method – buttons. However, the pattern has information on how to lengthen and shorten the coat to allow for more variations. I’ve made a longer version already, and instead of buttons I used a zipper closure. I’m working on a detailed blog post for this hack so with the pattern and blog post, you’ll be able to make a zippered version too.

Patchwork Chore Coat View A:

Patchwork Chore Coat View B:

Here’s how the hood looks on the coat. This is the coat I’ll be writing a blog post about so if you’re looking for a longer style, the Patchwork Chore Coat can definitely accommodate!

Did I mention the course?

In my quilt coat frenzy I realized a lot of other quilters wanted to make coats but didn’t know where to begin. So I developed a detailed course for the Patchwork Chore Coat! The Quilt Coat Course is a 6 week long virtual course. You’ll have access to the content after the course is over so you can work at your own pace. We’ll go through everything you need to know from start to finish, including a bonus module at the end on how to use up your quilt scraps.

The Quilt Coat Course comes with 6 weeks of pre-recorded videos, additional handouts, a private Facebook group to share progress, and weekly live q&a sessions with me. The cost of the pattern is included in the cost of the course.

When is this launching?

Patchwork Chore Coat pattern is available now! The 6-week course is offered twice a year. Get on the waitlist to be notified of the next course offering! Sign up here.

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What is included in the course?
You’ll get the pattern, 6 weeks of pre-recorded videos walking you through every step from choosing a quilt to final touches, handouts with additional information, a private Facebook group to share progress with others, and weekly live q&a sessions with me.

What do I need to take the course?
A sewing machine in good working order with a walking foot, thread, scissors, a printer to print the pattern, and a quilt!

What is the difference between the course and the pattern?
The pattern is just the pattern – it specifies using pre-quilted fabric but doesn’t go into more detail than that on fabric selection. The pattern comes with all the pattern pieces and instructions to construct the coat and assumes you have basic knowledge of garment construction. The course dives into much greater detail, including what kind of batting to use if you’re making your own quilt, should you make an entire quilt or panels, what to look for if buying a vintage quilt, and more. If you have questions about making a quilt coat, the course is the way you want to go because all those questions will be answered, and you’ll have the chance to ask any additional questions during the weekly live q&a sessions.

I’m new to sewing. Can I do this?
YES! If you’ve made a face mask during this pandemic, you can make a quilt coat. However, I highly recommend you take the course, because I’ll be able to walk you through step-by-step.

I’ve seen coat sew-alongs on Instagram. How is this course different?
We’ll all be using the same pattern, and making it together. This allows you to ask more detailed questions and get help at any point. Plus, the course has modules on how to make/prepare your quilt to turn it into a quilt coat, including what type of batting to use, what considerations to take if hand-quilting, how to construct your quilt in the most efficient way for least fabric waste, etc. There’s also a module all about sourcing and prepping vintage quilts if that’s the way you want to go. You’ll get so much more detailed information in this course than you would in a sew-along.

I’m interested in the pattern but don’t want to take the course. Will the pattern be available to purchase separately?
Yes! It will launch right after the course registration closes. Sign up here to be notified about all quilt coat and course updates.

I’m not a quilter. What can I use for this coat instead?
The pattern has some basic information about sourcing and using vintage quilts or pre-quilted fabric. The course goes into greater detail on this, including how to prep a vintage quilt and how to alter a quilt.

What sizes are included in the pattern?
Women’s sizes XXS-3XL. See size chart below for more descriptive measurements.

What format will the pattern come in?
Currently a printable PDF format with options for at-home printing, US Copyshop, and A0.

I’m a quilter but I’ve never made a garment. Can I do this?
YES! This is the perfect beginner garment because the fabrics aren’t shifty, there’s very few complex techniques or stressful spots, and I’ve written the pattern to be as straightforward as possible.

I really hope you’ll join me for this course and share with me your quilt coat makes!! I’m so excited about this pattern and I can’t believe it is almost ready!

8 thoughts on “Patchwork Chore Coat | A Quilt Coat Pattern

  1. Oh my gosh, your coats are SEW CUTE! What a wonderful design! I love the style! The quilts you found are so fun and colorful!

  2. I really want to do this course!!! While I am waiting what size quilt would I require for this project? If I am making it from scratch. What size quilt should I make?

  3. Hello,
    I am making the chore coat with collar and i am to the point of binding the front, i made my own binding but i dont seems to be able to start the binding on the front to make it look nice and finished as in a normal binding process on the corners. Maybe im being to picky but im at a stand still. Can you help me get this started?
    Candace Kerber

    1. There are many ways to bind – I recommend a quick youtube search to see what way will work best for the look you’re after 🙂

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