Concrete Jungle | Baby Dinosaurs

Move over baby shark! There’s a new favorite in town! When I saw these fabrics by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake Designs, I just knew they would make the coolest baby-sized Concrete Jungle quilt. And because quilting sometimes takes a village, I asked my good friend Sherry if she would want to piece & quilt this one up! She did such an amazing job!

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Fabrics are all Riley Blake Designs, I mixed in a basic and a solid print to help keep the quilt from looking too busy. I chose a blue polka dot basic for the binding and then handed it off to Sherry to work her magic.

I enlisted my favorite little human for a little dinosaur-inspired photoshoot. His little dino hoodie is the cutest! Also, the week we took these photos was the first week he was really solid sitting on his own, and OMG when did he get so big???

Oliver really enjoyed the texture on this quilt, and I love how Sherry quilted it with a huge circle. What an amazing idea!

Of course, I couldn’t let Oliver have all the fun so I had to have a picture with this cutie of a quilt too! Concrete Jungle is available in my shop! It comes in 5 sizes: baby, lap, throw, twin, and bed. This is the baby size!

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