creating the ultimate quilting room

Creating the Ultimate Quilting Room

Too much fabric, too little space.

Organizing your space can seem daunting. Too much fabric, too little shelving? That’s a problem I’ve encountered more than once as my love for quilting has grown and my space has… well, not. Redfin has a great article where they asked a bunch of us quilters to weigh in on how to create the ultimate quilting room. You can read all the tips from various quilters here.

As for me? My biggest tip is to utilize your wall space! After you’ve crammed as many shelves as you can into your room, start looking at the nooks and crannies leftover. Can you turn that weird little corner into usable space with a thread rack? Or how about a peg board? Putting notions on the walls will not only help give them a home, but it also keeps them within sight visually, making them easier to use, and easier to put back.

I turned a weird corner in my sewing space into a magnetic board which holds all my Aurifil 12 weight hand quilting thread, scissors, rotary cutter, and small square rulers. You know, the little 3.5″ ones that end up getting lost in a pile of fabric? Yeah, I gave those a home.

Adding magnets to the back of fabric swatches to make display and usability better

I also added magnets to the back of my Kona color chips and gave them their own magnetic board in my sewing space. I’m a big fan of cutting up color cards because once they’re separated, it makes it so much easier to create color palettes and match fabrics from different collections or designers.

And finally, if you want to hang up your quilts (or mini quilts too!) I have an easy way using command strips that we’ve used all over our house. Three years later, and not one of these command strips has failed. It makes it easy to swap out quilts and allows me to hang any quilt I want on my wall, regardless of whether or not it has a sleeve.

What are your best tips for creating an ultimate quilting room? What organization hack have you found useful in your space? Let me know in the comments below!

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