Dog Quilt Coat!

dog quilt coat for winter

You had to know it would happen sooner rather than later, right? A few years ago I made the entire family matching Christmas pajamas, so this year might be the year for matching quilt coats. I’m not sure how Jason will feel about it though! I, for one, am here for the dog quilt coat craze.

Proof of Christmas pajamas

To make this quilt coat, I started with a coat of Riley’s that fits pretty well. Riley is really tall and lean, so finding a good-fitting coat is quite the challenge. If they fit his ribcage, they’re usually way too long on him. If the length is right, they’re too tight. A few years ago we found a coat and it is almost perfect. Almost – because I wished that the straps were a bit longer. Well, the great thing about making your own is that you can modify it however you want!

I used his coat to make a pattern, thinking about construction. Since I was making a quilted panel, I chose to make the chest strap as part of the whole coat, instead of a separate piece to sew on later. This eliminated bulk in that area for a smoother fit. His original coat came with a removable hood. I decided to keep the hood as part of the design, because even though Riley doesn’t love wearing the hood, it is 1. cute, and 2. helps protect the back of his neck from the cold when we walk. I decided, though, for sake of construction, not to make the hood removable. We usually keep it on anyway.

quilt coat for a dog
A quilted jacket with hood

I was too excited to go out and get pictures that I hadn’t completely finished the coat yet! The safety pins will get replaced by velcro closures. There’s also a slit in the top for his harness straps to feed through, so this jacket was created to be not only stylish, but functional too. I’m looking forward to fall when we can go for long walks together! I’m also thinking I’ll pop this coat in the wash and tumble dry to get that lovely quilt crinkle going. A lot of you on Instagram have asked for a dog quilt coat pattern. I’m working on a pattern with all the sizes! Yay!

DIY Dog Quilt Coat
A dog quilted jacket

Love this dog quilt coat?

7 thoughts on “Dog Quilt Coat!

  1. Yes, I love this and would be very interested in the pattern. When will it be finished?

    1. Patterns take time and this one isn’t quite ready yet. I’ll be sure to announce it when I do. To stay up-to-date, I suggest joining my mailing list. Then you won’t miss the news!

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