Dogs on Patchwork & Poodles Quilts!

It wouldn’t be a true representation of Patchwork & Poodles if I neglected the poodle of this equation! Riley works very hard in his dual roles of quality control and model for every pattern release that happens at P&P Headquarters. Lucky for me, my pattern testers happen to be dog lovers too!

Here’s a round-up of the goodest puppers around on Patchwork & Poodles original quilts!


First up is Patchwork & Poodle’s mascot, the one and only Riley.

Zesty Quilt
Modern Crossing Quilt
Nutcracker Suite – FREE pattern!
Bear Path Quilt
Misty Mountains Quilt

And sometimes, Riley decides that he’s had enough of photos…

“Siiigh, modeling is so exhausting”
“I stole your thimble…”
“…and I’m not giving it back!”
“No, mom. No more. Time to go play”


Beau is such a handsome pup, and his owner, Emily, has pattern tested every single one of my patterns!

aww, baby Beau on Modern Crossing!
Beau on Misty Mountains, look at Emily’s hand quilting!
Looking Zesty, Beau!
Beau on Bear Path, and again, Emily is crushing the hand quilting!


This cutie has the most amazing eyes! And his mama, Joy, is the scrap quilt queen.

Hatch on Bear Path quilt


I’m pretty sure Bentley has practiced his modeling skills. I mean, look at that face! His mama, Jamie, is such a talented quilter!

That Zesty sploot is pretty epic.
Bentley on Bear Path number 01!
Aww, puppy smiles are my favorite! Jamie made TWO Bear Path quilts!

Kelvin, Daisy, and Sophie

These cuties live in Canada with their mom Kate. And she makes pretty amazing quilty things!

Kelvin is checking this Zesty quilt for quality.
Sophie and Daisy have made themselves quite at home on this Bear Path quilt

What about your furry friends? Do they like to hang out on your quilts?

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