Every Adventure Tote Hack | Orphan Blocks and Panels

Every Adventure Tote made with an orphan block

Here’s a fun way to use up orphan blocks or scraps – turn them into an Every Adventure Tote! I love doing this as a way of using up scraps of fabric. This is also a great way to use the end of a fabric you love and can’t bear to part with, even though it isn’t enough to use in a full quilt.

In the tote above, I used a quilt block I made as part of a challenge hosted by PBS Fabrics. The original block didn’t quite fit the tote dimensions, so I seam-ripped the last row, added it to the right of the block and added one more blocks to the end. Voila! Now the block is out of my craft room and being used in something I love!

Orphan block before I started modifying it

If using orphan blocks, you can either chop them up (think improv!), or add borders to get them to size. You’ll need (2) 8.5″ x 19.25″ rectangles for the exterior main fabric. The Every Adventure Tote uses 1/2″ seam allowances, so if you don’t want part of your block tips chopped off, either modify the tutorial to use 1/4″ seams or add enough borders to your blocks that your design won’t be compromised.

Improv Every Adventure Tote made with scraps from my Zesty Quilt

My favorite way to make tote panels is doing an improvisational style! I simply pull out scraps I like and start sewing them together until I get two rectangles the right size.

Since you’re fusing it to the foam, you don’t need to worry about quilting, but it adds a fun touch and an extra dimension, like with the bag below.

Every Adventure Tote made with scraps from my Bear Path Quilt.

And don’t limit yourself to white for the lining! Using up solid or print scraps can lead to fun and colorful bag linings too! I always seem to have random cuts of fabric leftover from other projects that I can use up in the Every Adventure Tote!

For full step-by-step bag construction instructions, go to the Every Adventure Tote Tutorial page.

Looking for more Every Adventure Tote Hacks? Find out how to add inner pockets to your bag on Homemade Emily Jane’s blog!

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