Every Adventure Tote | Inner Zipper Pocket

We could all use more storage! Use this tutorial to add an inner zipper pocket to the Every Adventure Tote. The best thing about an inner zipper pocket is that it is easy to access and to keep safe anything you want a little extra storage for.

New to the Every Adventure Tote?

his FREE tote bag pattern is a “choose your own adventure” bag with multiple options. Mix and match your favorite straps, pockets, and closures to make a bag as unique as you are!

Inner Zipper Pocket Supplies:

In addition to what you need for the Every Adventure Tote, you’ll need the following for the pocket:

  • (1) 8″ zipper
  • Fabric in the following cuts: 10″ W x 2″ H and 10″ W x 14″ H
  • Interfacing 10″ W x 2″ H (I used Pellon SF101)


Follow the Every Adventure Tote tutorial through step 10. When you get to the lining, follow these instructions instead.

1. Fuse the piece of interfacing to the backside of the 10″ x 2″ piece of fabric.

2. Draw a line in the center of the interfacing, 8″ wide. Draw two more lines on each side of the first line, each 0.25″ away from the center line. Draw triangles on the corners of your drawn box.

3. Place the fabric piece, right sides together, 1.5″ away from the top of one 19″ side of the lining fabric, matching up the center of the lining with the center of the fabric piece.

4. Stitch around the outer rectangle you’ve drawn, then cut the center line, angling to the corners using the previously drawn triangles.

5. Turn the fabric piece right side out and press.

6. Place the zipper into the hole you’ve created. It may be helpful to add some glue to position it securely, then top stitch the zipper in place.

7. Align the top edge of the 10″ x 2″ fabric piece right sides together with one of the 10″ sides of the 10″ x 14″ rectangle and stitch together. You’re forming the pocket. Be careful not to sew the lining fabric along with it.

8. Stitch the second 10″ side of the pocket fabric with the bottom edge of the zipper casing, again being careful not to sew the lining fabric too.

9. Press fabrics towards the bottom of the bag, and stitch down the two remaining sides. Just sew the pocket sides together, not the lining with it.

10. Continue with step 11 in the Every Adventure Tote tutorial to complete the lining and assemble your bag.

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