Every Adventure Tote | Triangle Panel

Are the possibilities endless with the Every Adventure Tote? Yes, or nearly so! Today, I’m showing you how to make a triangle panel for the exterior main fabric using my Accuquilt fabric cutter!

If you’ve shied away from triangles in the past, I’m here to tell you not to worry! The Accuquilt triangle die makes sewing perfect triangles a breeze! It is a great way to learn a new skill and new shape to incorporate into your quilting!


Out of quilting cotton or similar: (I used Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cotton solids and Stripe Basics)

  • (6) 5″ x WOF strips for the triangle panel
  • (1) 15.75″ x 19.25″ for the exterior bottom
  • (2) 5″ x 29″ for straps
  • (1) 19″ x 29.75″ for the lining

Out of bosal foam:

  • (1) 19.25″ x 30″
  • (2) 1.25″ x 29″ for straps



1. Start by cutting your triangles using your Accuquilt cutter, your Accuquilt Triangle die, and your 5″ x WOF strips. I stacked three of my fabrics together, ran them through the machine, then alternated the direction of my fabrics, and ran them through again. You’ll need the following number of triangles:

  • Color 1: 6 triangles
  • Color 2: 6 triangles
  • Color 3: 8 triangles
  • Color 4: 8 triangles
  • Color 5: 8 triangles
  • Color 6: 8 triangles

2. Separate your triangles into two equal piles. Set one pile aside. With the remaining triangles, lay them out in two rows of 11 triangles each. Repeat the process with the second pile of triangles.

3. Time to sew our triangles together! We’ll sew the first row, then the second row, and finally sew them together. Accuquilt makes sewing triangles easy! There’s little notches on the sides of the triangles. Line these up, and sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

4. Press seam open, then continue adding triangles in this way to the row until all 11 triangles have been sewn together.

5. Sew the two rows of triangles together, and press seam open. You now have a panel! Repeat this with the other 22 triangles you have to create a second panel for the back of your tote bag.

6. Line up the top middle of the panel with the middle of one of the 19.25″ sides of foam, and fuse the panel to the foam. You will have overhang with your triangles.

7. Trim the panel flush with the foam, and repeat with the second panel and the second 19.25″ side of foam. Add some quilting if desired. Then continue with the instructions here to complete your tote bag.

You did it! You sewed beautiful triangles and now have a fun new tote bag to use! Find more hacks on the Every Adventure Tote on the blog, including:

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