hand quilting 101 learn how to hand quilt

Hand Quilting 101

You guys have asked, so it is finally here! Hand Quilting 101 is a whole video covering all the basics of hand quilting from supplies, to stitches, to traveling, and everything in-between! So grab a basted quilt, settle in, and come quilt with me!

Hand Quilting 101 Video:

Quilt used in demo:

For the Hand Quilting 101 video, I started hand quilting a Bear Path quilt in the wall hanging size. This quilt will finish at 26″ square, perfect for turning into a floor pillow or dog bed! For this quilt, I used Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons. I love how lovely these solids are, they’re thick and soft and make the best quilts!

Quilts Mentioned in the Video:

Supplies Mentioned in the Video:

Additional Resources:

Got questions not answered in the Hand Quilting 101 video? Ask them in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Hand Quilting 101

  1. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial and video. I had been staring for two years at a quilt top that I made for my son–ombre grey half squares with appliqued ultrasuede gears and denim and faux suede borders. Very manly. 🙂 I KNEW the quilting I wanted–hidden tacking throughout the center so as not to distract from the applique, and nice big stitch visible quilting on the borders–particularly bronze stitching in double rows along the edges of the denim border to look like the topstitching on jeans. I found the thread I wanted to use because of the look I wanted, perle cotton 5 in bronze (on the denim) and dark grey (on the faux suede), but then got stuck on needles and technique, especially since I was going to be working on a queen-size quilt through two layers of heavy denim! I wanted to quilt without a hoop or frame but couldn’t seem to believe it was possible. I just had to let you know that your presentation in the video of not only the choices you made, but also the REASONS for your choices, broke through my barriers. I could see how I could adapt what you presented to get the look I wanted. Maybe I just needed to know there WERE choices. I found a great way to lay out the side of the border I’m working on across a pair of tables (making a surface 2 ft by 8 ft), rolling the rest of the quilt up out of the way, laying the roll on the table behind where I am quilting, I’m now making great progress quilting sideways with a milliner’s needle and the “bunching with your thumb” technique–all things I learned from your video. Probably more than you wanted to know.
    Anyway, thank you again, and I hope you continue to share your ideas.

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