Harvest Star | A Quilt Pattern

Pattern number 5 is here! Harvest Star is a big block quilt with a big impact! (Buy it here)

It is also my first block-based design. When I first designed it, I tried a lot of different things for the block corners. I knew I wanted them to form a secondary pattern, but I wasn’t sure what. When I saw the stars, I knew it was perfect.

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My cover version is made out of 13 Kona Cotton solids:

  • Yarrow
  • Garnet
  • Fog
  • Teal Blue
  • Spruce
  • Windsor
  • Sage
  • Ice Peach
  • Raisin
  • Shitake
  • Nightfall
  • Cedar
  • Bone (Background)

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About a year ago I was in the habit of buying large quantities of fabric when I found a good deal on it, thinking they would make future quilt backs for a good price. This strategy has mostly backfired on me, since usually when I go to find a backing nothing in my stash works. This time, however, I had 4 candidates! I chose to back it in Peacock Arcs from the Arroyo Collection by Erin Dollar. It is an Essex linen base which makes it super cozy and heavy. Poor Jason got quite the workout holding this one up for photos.

I bound it in Kona Cotton in Fog. The whole quilt was quilted in Aurifil 50 wt thread in 2600.

This pattern is a great one for both prints and solids! I just love how the blocks glow! It is puppy approved…

…and baby approved too!

I forgave all the baby drool on the quilt because he’s very, very cute ;-).

Thank you all for your love and support on this and every other pattern release! Quilters are such an amazing group of people, and I’m so glad to be able to call myself one too.

Tester Versions

My patterns wouldn’t be what they are without the hard work of my pattern testers. Check out their amazing versions below and give them a follow on Instagram, where they’re always posting amazing work!

Sherry made this amazing version using some new Ruby Star Society prints!

Lauren made this stunning version in a constrained color palette. She kept all the blocks the same, which makes a really neat repeating pattern.

Emily made a super fun all version with tons of gorgeous colors! She chose to keep the secondary stars all the same fabric for a fun pop!

Hailey made a very girly baby version. I love her use of the light pink as the background color!

Stacy made TWO versions! I was so excited for her Christmas one with the gold background fabric because I secretly thought this pattern would make a great Christmas quilt! Her fall version is equally amazing!

Robin made this incredible version with a purple background. Makes me wish I had thought of that!

Valerie made a beautiful print version. I love how soft her stars are.

Lauren wins the award for best quilt background. Her version is so much fun!

You can find Harvest Star and all my quilt patterns in my shop.

4 thoughts on “Harvest Star | A Quilt Pattern

  1. Thanks for posting photos of all the testers variations! I love seeing all the combinations and possibilities! I ordered my paper pattern today and anxiously await it’s arrival.

  2. Hi Eliane,
    I just finished all my Harvest Star blocks. I am 2 years too late for the quilt along. The instructions say blocks should square up to 20.5. My blocks are 19 x20 and an eighth. What do you suggest I do before I join them?
    Thank you for any guidance
    Donna Harris

    1. Hi Donna, you can sew them together as-is, as long as all the 19″ sides are sewn together and the 20″ sides are sewn together it should work. Or else, you can trim them down to 19″ but you might lose some of the HST points.

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