Interwoven | A Quilt

I thought I should start sharing more of my makes so here we go. First up is the Interwoven quilt, a pattern that is releasing today from Lo & Behold Stitchery. I had the pleasure of testing this quilt pattern for Brittany, and it is a stunner. The construction is block-based, so once you get through all the strip piecing, it goes together rather fast!

I’m still debating on the quilting, I’m thinking a 1.5″ grid with my walking foot. I’m also rethinking my backing choice. I originally based this quilt for the fiery red-orange back, but now I’m wondering if it is too soft and subtle for it.

I don’t usually plan quilts around a backing because when I do, this ultimately happens and I second guess myself. For now, I’ll let this quilt top sit for a while until I make up my mind.

I really love how this quilt turned out, and thanks to the many seams, it has a good bit of weight to it. I’m a sucker for heavy quilts.

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