Mini Heart Quilt Block | Free Pattern & Tutorial

This mini heart quilt block is the first in a series of tutorials aimed at using up your scraps from the Graffiti Hearts quilt. This tutorial uses up the smallest scraps created from making the quilt. Heart finishes at 5″ wide by 3.75″ tall. The fun thing about this block is that it creates some super fun, funky hearts! You can choose whether the solid fabric will be the background or the heart itself, or make a few of each!

If you haven’t made Graffiti Hearts, you can still make this mini heart quilt block! Just create some HSTs that are 1.75″ unfinished (1.25″ finished) and proceed from there. Use the Half Square Triangle Calculator to determine what size squares to cut. For an in-depth HST how-to, check out this post.


  • (8) 1.75″ HSTs
  • (1) 3″ x 1.75″ rectangle (heart center)
  • (2) 1.75″ squares (background)

How to make a mini heart quilt block:

In the diagrams below, the caramel color is my background fabric, and the peach is my heart fabric. Check out a time-lapse of this block here!

1. Sew (4) HSTs together to create row one of your heart. Press all seams open.

2. Sew (2) HSTs together with the 3″ x 1.75″ rectangle to create row two of your heart. Press seams towards center rectangle.

3. Sew (2) HSTs and (2) 1.75″ background squares together to create row three of your heart. Press seams towards background squares.

4. Sew all three rows together, nesting seams when possible and pressing seams open.

Your mini heart is complete! You can turn it into coasters (below) or use it on a zipper pouch or other small project. Or, make lots of them and sew them together for a fun wall hanging or pillow!

How to turn the mini heart quilt block into a coaster:

You’ll need…

  • (2) 1.25″ x 5″ background strips
  • (1) 5.5″ square for backing
  • Batting scrap at least 6″ square


1. Sew a background strip to the top and bottom of the heart block. Press towards background fabric.

2. Baste the heart to a piece of batting and quilt as desired. Just the heart and batting, not the backing.

3. Trim to 5.5″ square.

4. Sew together the quilted heart and the backing fabric, right sides together. Leave a 2″ opening along one side for turning.

5. Clip corners and turn the coaster right side out. Press the coaster well.

6. Topstitch along the edge of the coaster to close the opening and complete the coaster.

I used two of these mini heart quilt blocks to make this super cute boxy zipper pouch! I’m working on writing a pattern for this pouch that will come in two sizes. Stay tuned for more!

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