Modern Crossing Quilt | A Quilt Pattern

I’m so excited to introduce you to my first quilt pattern, the Modern Crossing quilt! Modern Crossing is a block-based quilt pattern in two sizes, baby and throw; and three color variations, two-color, three-color, and scrappy.

The pattern is available as a pdf download from my shop.

Fabric variations for Modern Crossing

The inspiration for this pattern came from the TV series Downton Abbey. Yes, that’s true! Several months back I was watching the series for maybe the 6th or 7th time (who keeps track of these things anyway?) and found myself fixating on Sybil’s nursing uniform. Something about the chunky red cross on the grey background with the white apron was really appealing, and I immediately starting sketching. I’m old fashioned and do everything with a paper and pencil before heading to the computer. I drew out 8 iterations before I was satisfied with the proportions and design.

Sybil and the uniform that inspired everything

I originally thought about naming the quilt Crossed Paths, because in the series high-born Sybil falls in love with the chauffeur, Branson, which her family most definitely doesn’t approve of. Also, Branson is Irish, so my pattern’s variation on an Irish chain is a nod to their love story. What? You didn’t get all that from my pattern? Not to worry, it has evolved since its early conception.

Although the nurse’s uniform from WWII was my original inspiration, the colors were too austere for my tastes, which skew towards the “more colors the better” spectrum. I started dreaming about what this quilt might look like in various fabric combinations and lines. There were many hours where half my stash was on our living room floor, and Jason, my husband, was hauled in to examine a fabric pull for his creative input. If you don’t know this about my husband, he’s very creative and always gives his true opinion, as opposed to what he thinks you want to hear. This is great for fabric combinations, not so great if you ask him what he thinks of your new jeans. You have been warned.

Ahem, back to the matter at hand – the Modern Crossing quilt. I wanted to give people the opportunity to play with the blocks and colors and create something that was uniquely their own. The fabric combinations for this quilt seem almost limitless which allows you to make something that fits your style. I’ve made three versions already and have fabric pulls ready for two more. I have a feeling this is a quilt I’ll make over and over again because each version looks so distinctly different from the others. I hope you find as much enjoyment in this pattern as I have. If you’re on social media, please use the hashtags included in the pattern so I can see what you make! Seeing other people take my vision and turn it into their own quilt is such a joy to me!

Shop Modern Crossing:

Modern Crossing | Two-color variation | Throw Size

cover quilt Modern Crossing

I knew I wanted this Modern Crossing quilt to eventually live in our bedroom, which has a lot of mid-century modern touches. I decided to keep the front neutral and use solids, and let the back carry the bright and fun colors I love so much.

Fabrics used in this Modern Crossing quilt version:

  • Front: Kona Charcoal (color 1) and Kona Snow (background)
  • Binding: Kona Avocado
  • Backing: Green Jay from the Charley Harper Western Birds collection by Birch Organic Fabrics. This fabric is a bit older and sadly has become hard to find. I’m hoarding my scraps for another quilt!

This quilt was entirely hand-quilted and bound with DMC Perle Cotton thread in size 8.

Throw size two color Modern Crossing quilt

Tester Quilts

My testers all did such an incredible job with this pattern and I’m overly grateful to each and one of them for tackling my first pattern and providing valuable feedback. Get ready for lots of pictures!!

Shannon Killham of @beachmamamade made two (TWO you guys!) quilts in the baby size in the three-color variation.

Christmas version!

holiday inspired three color Modern Crossing quilt

L.T. of @panola.isle made the baby size in the three-color variation using prints! Be still my heart, I love prints so much.

Kasie of @marmalademoodquilts made the two-color variation in the baby size. She used a Rifle Paper Co. floral as her background and now thanks to her I’m planning like 6 more versions!

two color Modern Crossing quilt

Donna of @xoxsew made the three-color variation in the baby size and decided to add a fourth color to the pluses. Look at that amazing texture from the zig-zag quilting!

Kelsey of @midwestnotions turned the throw size into a twin size by adding a couple of rows to the bottom! I love her scrappy version and that it will live on her son’s bed!

twin size Modern Crossing quilt

Sara of @justsewsara made the throw size in the two color variation and her Christmas version has the most perfect white and red polka dot! Seriously!

Brittany of @loandbeholdstitchery made the baby size and she also went for an ombre variation, in Christmas colors! I love Brittany’s style, clean, classic, and modern all at once!

Abby of @abby.c.wilson made the throw size in the scrappy variation. I love how perfectly at home it looks on her bannister!

Erin of @erinmakingstuff made the baby size in the three color variation. Her choice of burgundy and linen makes me think of all things fall, my favorite season

Emily of @lemonyquilts made the throw size and YOU GUYS! She made it ombre! This is a perfect example of how amazing it is when you hand your brainchild off to someone else… and they bring it to a whole new level.

Joy of @themakingsofjoy made the throw size and true to Joy’s style, she made it scrappy! I love how your eyes are never bored, there’s always something to look at on this quilt.

Sherry of @sherrypurtell made the baby size in the scrappy variation and, well, you guys know my love for all things Cotton & Steel!

Kate of @snailcrafts made the baby size in the two color variation using Kona Berry and Essex Linen. Not only is it beautiful, but check out those snowflakes in the picture!

And finally, but definitely not least, Coby of @lifewitheleanor made the throw size in the two color variation in mustard and sand and it can come live with me anytime, Coby!

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