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Do you ever get those “One Weird Trick” ads? Ever wonder if they work? Well, here’s a weird trick for you that DOES work. You can use a simple, cheap, product to keep your quilting rulers from slipping. Are you ready to know what it is?


Yup. Sandpaper! Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Sandpaper comes with an adhesive backing that’s perfect for sticking to the back of your rulers. It doesn’t add a lot of bulk, is inexpensive, and effective at turning your quilting ruler into a non-slip dream.

I bought mine from Harbor Freight for $4 and it came in a pack of 5. I’ve got more sandpaper now than I’ll ever need for the rulers I own, so it is a good idea to split a pack with a friend. I recommend the finest grit sandpaper you can find in a neutral color. I would have liked 180 or 220 grit, but in store those only came in black, and I didn’t want black (what if it somehow rubs off on my white fabric?) So, I ended up using 120 grit, and it works great!

Simply cut the sandpaper into small squares or use a punch if you have one. You don’t need much to keep your ruler in place. I put three small 0.5″ squares on this 9.5″ square ruler and now it isn’t going anywhere at all. Win! Not only does a non-slip ruler make for more accurate cutting, but it also is much safer to use. And as someone who has had a lot of quilting accidents, I’m all about safety.

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10 thoughts on “Non-slip Quilting Ruler | One Weird Trick

  1. I like to use Nexcare tape, by 3M. It’s technically a flexible bandage tape, so you find it in the first aid aisle. I put an inch or two in several spots on the backs of my rulers; it’s got some texture so it’s grippy, and it’s clear so you can see your fabric through it.

    But I bet the sandpaper is super grippy too! Crazy how quilters can create their own supplies from all sorts of non-quilting sources!

  2. A long time ago, I used sandpaper dots on the back of a ruler, and it scratched another ruler when placed in a stack.

    1. So? I’ve been using acrylic rulers and sandpaper dots since they were introduced. Who cares if one gets scratched? A scratch doesn’t stop them from being usable.

  3. I bought the sandpaper dots, they don’t work at all. Found something else that works though, pieces of waffly shelf liner, it
    really holds it in place.

  4. I found some clear rubber stick on pads (about a 16th of an inch thick, 3/8″ wide) at the fabric store – in the home dec dept. Pack had a variety of types, have used them all over the house! Missing “foot” on my kitchen cutting board, cupboard doors, backs of pictures…

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