Nutcracker Suite | A free quilt pattern


Are you ready for the holidays? The turkey has been eaten, the shopping has happened, and everyone is looking towards the man in the big red suit. At least in my house we are! I’ve been feeling the holiday spirit even before Thanksgiving happened (shh, don’t tell anyone!) Continue reading “Nutcracker Suite | A free quilt pattern”

Big-Stitch Hand-binding | A Tutorial


The one thing I get asked about more often than anything else is how to do chunky, big-stitch hand-binding. I’ve fielded every question, such as: does it go through all the layers? Do you use a special needle? What thread is best? I’ll be answering all your questions and more today!

Big-stitch hand-quilting is my absolute favorite. It adds such a unique touch to your finished quilt, and becomes a conversation starter. Plus, it is super addicting! Continue reading “Big-Stitch Hand-binding | A Tutorial”

Spiderweb Free-motion quilting tutorial and a Halloween quilt


I finished this year’s Halloween quilt, a lovely four-patch variation in Cotton & Steel fabrics. My other Halloween quilt has more orange in it, so I wanted to make one that didn’t incorporate orange. I think the pink adds a striking note to this quilt. Continue reading “Spiderweb Free-motion quilting tutorial and a Halloween quilt”

Mental Clutter (and what to do about it)


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about clutter. Sure, there’s the kind we all know and think of, like when you leave a pile of fabric lying around your house. (what? You’ve never done that before?) But recently I’ve been thinking more and more about “mental clutter”, by which I mean the stuff in the back of your mind that seems to keep nagging at you, even when you wished it wouldn’t.

Somehow in the past year, my project list got out of hand. It has always been long, but somehow for me also always manageable. Projects got completed in a timely manner, checked off the list, and the earth continued to turn on its axis. Yet lately I haven’t felt that way anymore. I’ve been feeling, well, to be frank, overwhelmed. Continue reading “Mental Clutter (and what to do about it)”