turn a quilt block into a christmas stocking

Quilt Block Stockings

use your favorite quilt to make unique Christmas stockings with this free tutorial

Got some orphan blocks laying around? Turn them into Christmas stockings using my free stocking pattern in two sizes! I’ll highlight some of my favorite quilt block ideas below. Don’t quilt? Look for “cutter quilts” on Ebay or in local antique shops. These are quilts with a massive amount of damage and are no longer fit for purpose, but are great for giving a second life. You can cut around the damaged parts to create a set of stockings, thus making the quilt usable in a different form for a long time to come.

Modern Crossing Stocking

I used my Modern Crossing Quilt pattern in the baby size to create this stocking in the large size. I ended up doing the front and the back since I love stockings that are reversible. For fabrics I used Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Red and Natural, and I hand quilted in Aurifil 12 weight thread. I love how this stocking has a very traditional feel, and yet at the same time a good “modern farmhouse” aesthetic. Plus, it goes really well with the stockings I’ve already made, and I’m getting so excited to have a full collection soon!

Find Modern Crossing in my shop:

Other Quilt Block Stockings:

For a modern twist, my Linear pillow pattern would make a really fun and bold Christmas stocking! So would the Bear Path quilt pattern (wall hanging size). I mocked them up and now, I want nothing more than enough time to make allll the Christmas stockings!

Find Linear and Bear Path in my shop:

If you have some orphan blocks laying around, see how they would look at as a stocking! Christmas stockings can be any color these days, so don’t be afraid to experiment even if your blocks aren’t traditional red & green. Another great idea is to sew together improv panels from your scrap bin into unique, one-of-a-kind stockings! The sky is the limit!

Want to make your own Quilt Block Stockings?

Get the Christmas Stockings in Two Sizes pattern here. And don’t forget to personalize your stockings with a stocking tag!

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