Quilt Coat Course

Quilt coats have been catapulted into the spotlight and the trend is here to stay! Quilt coats are a stylish way to show your creative spirit! You can use an existing quilt or make your own, making a garment that is as unique as you are! Plus, have I mentioned how cozy quilt coats are? Cozy + Stylish, what more could you ask for?

You’ve seen them around, and you want to make one too, but you don’t know where to start. This class is for you! Join me and a community of like-minded makers as we take 6 weeks to make a quilt coat together!

Hi, I’m Eliane, and I’ll be your instructor throughout the course. I started sewing when I was 8, making clothes for my barbie dolls, then my American Girl dolls, and finally making my first quilt at the age of 12. I continued making garments through my teen years and started making quilts again in my twenties. I started Patchwork & Poodles to share my love of modern quilts, offering bright and fun quilt patterns that you can confidently create. My goal with all my patterns is to help you to create something you truly love! I also offer free tutorials, tips, and tricks on my blog and YouTube channel.

I started making quilt coats and realized that I couldn’t find a pattern that had everything I was looking for in a coat. I wanted one I could button up for those chilly Wisconsin days. I also wanted a coat that didn’t look too oversized but was roomy enough to wear some layers underneath. And finally, I wanted the option to add a hood. No pattern on the market had all these options, and none had instructions on how to specifically use quilts when making a coat. How do you finish all those bulky seams inside? I decided to fill that void by creating the Patchwork Chore Coat pattern, a coat pattern specifically for quilted fabrics. Plus! I made it reversible!

As with everything I do, I wanted you to feel confident you could make one too, so I developed this Quilt Coat Course to walk you through the coat making process!


  • Quilters who haven’t made many (or any) garments: You know how to make quilts but haven’t the least clue where to start with garments. This class is for you! I’ll show you how to transform a quilt you’ve made into a coat, step-by-step! At the end of this course you’ll have a completed quilt coat and gained new garment making skills you can carry into other projects.
  • Beginner sewists: You bought a sewing machine during the pandemic and are now looking to expand beyond mask making. Find yourself a vintage quilt and join along as we make a coat together! At the end of this course you’ll have a completed quilt coat and gained new garment making skills you can carry into a variety of other projects.


You need to have a sewing machine in good working order and a walking foot, along with sewing accessories including thread, scissors, a seam ripper, and fabric marking tools. You need to be able to follow a seam allowance and know how to use your sewing machine model.

We will NOT be covering how to make a quilt in this course. If you are not a quilter, there’s a module on how to select a vintage quilt. You can also purchase pre-quilted material in fabric stores. The main fabric you will need will be your quilt. We will cover what to look for in Module 1, but here are the fabric requirements:


We will be sewing the Patchwork Chore Coat pattern by Patchwork & Poodles. I’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the pattern as we make the coat together, and you’ll be able to see everyone else’s versions!

Course participants have the choice of making View A or View B, both will be covered in the course. View A has a classic chore coat collar, while View B has a 3-piece hood. We will be doing the length specified in the pattern and with a button closure.

The Patchwork Chore Coat comes with Women’s sizes XXS-3XL. As Women’s sizing varies greatly, see the chart below for more sizing information.


This 6-week course will cover how to make a quilt coat from start to finish, including fabric selection, considerations when making your own quilt, how to print and assemble a pdf garment pattern, cutting your pieces, sewing the coat, how to sew the inner binding to make it reversible, how to sew the outer binding, making buttonholes, and sewing buttons. Here’s the full breakdown:

Module 0: Introduction & Supplies

  • Welcome
  • What to expect
  • Schedule
  • Facebook group
  • Getting support

Module 1a: Selecting and Preparing a Vintage Quilt

  • Learn what to look for and what to avoid when buying a vintage quilt
  • How to mend and alter a vintage quilt
  • Where to buy vintage quilts
  • How to wash vintage quilts

Module 1b: Creating a Quilt

  • Learn what to look for when selecting a quilt pattern
  • Decide what type of quilt look you want
  • Learn how to prep your fabrics
  • Learn what kind of batting to use
  • Decide whether to make a quilt in pieces or whole
  • View modern patterns to consider for your coat

Module 2: Printing the Pattern, Making a Muslin

  • Learn how to accurately print a pdf garment pattern
  • How to assemble pdf garment pattern
  • How to trace your pattern size
  • How and why to make a muslin

Module 3: Cutting Your Quilt & Fabrics

  • How to get the most out of your quilt
  • How to cut and make bias binding
  • Cutting the lining pieces
  • How to prep your coat pieces for sewing

Module 4: Time to Sew!

  • Learn the different ways to finish the inner coat seams
  • Learn how to bind the inner coat seams for a reversible finish
  • Start sewing together coat
  • Create a hood or collar
  • Add collar or hood to coat

Module 5: Completing Construction

  • Finish coat construction by sewing sides and sleeves of coat

Module 6: Finishing Touches

  • Add pockets to your coat
  • Add outer binding to your coat
  • Different buttonhole options
  • Sew buttons

Module 7 (Bonus!): What’s Next?

  • How to modify other garment patterns to make them out of quilts and quilt tops
  • Using up your quilt scraps


The course is delivered virtually via email. Each week for 6 weeks you’ll receive a weekly email from me with that week’s content and information. Course content includes step-by-step pre-recorded videos, supplemental handouts, and a weekly live Q&A with me.

Live Q&A sessions are hosted in the course’s private Facebook group. The Facebook group is also a great way for you to share progress with other participants.

You have access to the course videos for 3 months after the release of Module 6. After that time, you will no longer be able to access videos. Any handouts and patterns provided during the course are yours to keep indefinitely.


The course cost includes:

  • Patchwork Chore Coat Pattern
  • 6 weeks of pre-recorded, on-demand videos so you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home
  • Supplemental handouts for even more assistance and information
  • A community of other makers to share ideas and progress with
  • Access to the private Facebook group in which Eliane will be actively answering questions
  • 6 live Q&A sessions with me hosted in the Facebook group. These are a great way to ask questions about that week’s module

All of this for only $98.95!


Course registration opens up twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Join the waiting list to stay up to date on the next offering.

Next offering: Spring 2022