Flying Geese Calculator

If you want to get more creative in your quilting journey, knowing how to make Flying Geese in any size comes in handy! This flying geese calculator does the math for you so you know exactly what size squares you need to cut to make 4-at-a-time flying geese. You can incorporate these flying geese into sawtooth stars or many other popular quilting blocks.

When using this 4-at-a-time flying geese calculator, your resulting geese will require trimming. I prefer to make my flying geese slightly bigger to give myself the wiggle room I need to end up with perfect points! I’ve found that if your seam allowance is slightly off, it can affect your outcome, so better bigger than sorry! 😉

FYI! Finished size means the size once it is all sewn into your project. Unfinished size is the size you trim to when creating your Flying Geese. You’ll use the finished size in your measurements below, but remember to trim Flying Geese 0.5″ bigger!

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4-at-a-time Flying Geese Calculator
Size Squares to Cut:
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4-at-a-time flying geese calculator

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If you’re new to making Flying Geese, I’m here to help you! Learn how to make 4-at-a-time flying geese, how to trim them, and how to use directional prints in your flying geese!