Exterior Straps | Every Adventure Tote Variation

For this bag I used Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons

The best thing about the Every Adventure Tote is how versatile it is! Today we’ll go over how to make short exterior-sewn straps for this tote bag. I like to put these on my bag when I’m adding a drawstring closure so that I eliminate bulk from the top seam. Instead of what is listed in the original tutorial, you’ll want to cut the following for the straps:

  • (2) 5″ x 25″ fabric rectangles
  • (2) 1.25″ x 24″ foam

1. Follow steps 1-3 of the Every Adventure Tote tutorial to create the bag exterior.

2. Press the handles fabric in half, open, and press both halves towards the center. Place foam inside one folded part with 0.5″ fabric overhang on either end and fuse in place. Repeat for the second handle.

3. Fold the fabric overhang on both ends in towards the foam and press. Then fold up the straps and pin or clip in place. You should have no raw edges.

4. Topstitch all the way around the strap, about 1/8″ away from the edges. Repeat for the second strap.

5. Find the center point on the bag exterior on the 19.25″ side and measure 3″ from the center on each side. Place one end of the handle 3″ away from the center and 2.5″ down from the top. Place a pin 1.5″ from the top. Repeat for the other side of the handle, and for the second handle.

6. Sew the handle to the bag with an X motion for strength from the bottom of the handle up to the pin. Your stitching should end 1.5″ from the top of the bag. Repeat for the other side of the handle and the second handle. Then continue with bag instructions on the Every Adventure Tote tutorial, starting with Step 8.

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