Speedy Quilt Layout | Using Your Phone!

We’re in the final week of the Harvest Star quilt along so I shared with the participants a quick and easy way to determine your next quilt layout. I thought it was worth sharing it on here too!

This only works if your quilt has 9 or less blocks – I have yet to find a photo collage app that allows for more than 9 photos, so if you know of one, please let me know in the comments below!

The How To:

Take a square picture of all of your quilt blocks. I did this with my phone. Don’t worry too much about them being perfect, we’re just looking for the ability to get a visual idea of what our quilt will look like once it is all assembled.

Download the free Layout app by Instagram. There are quite a few photo collage apps out there but I’ve found this one the most user friendly one out there. And it is free! I like free.

Once in the app, select all of the photos you took of your blocks. You’re limited to 9 photos, so if you have a quilt with 12 blocks, I recommend doing the top 6, and then the bottom 6. It will still give you a good idea of final quilt layout.

Drag your photos around in the app until you’re satisfied with the final quilt layout, then save your photo and get sewing!


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2 thoughts on “Speedy Quilt Layout | Using Your Phone!

  1. Hello! This is a great idea! How did you ever think of that?
    I have used PicCollage for photos. You can get up to 20 pics in the layout. I think it’s the new and improved Layout App.
    Anyway, hope that helps.
    Have a great day and thanks for your information!

    1. Thanks for sharing about PicCollage! I thought about this when I didn’t feel like doing the workout physically moving the blocks required! Ha!

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