Spyglass Patchwork Chore Coat

I made Riley’s quilt coat back in the fall, and I did it with the intention of making myself a matching one. But I didn’t have enough background fabric, and it took a while for me to sit down and do some calculations and order it! During that time, I started developing the Patchwork Chore Coat, so I switched gears and decided to use my coat pattern for this quilt coat instead of my original plans. This Spyglass Patchwork Chore Coat turned out so well, and it has me itching to make another quilt coat!

I knew that I wanted it to be longer than the Patchwork Chore Coat pattern specifies, and I was curious to see if I could swap a zipper for the buttons. (spoiler alert! Works great!) I wrote a blog post to walk you through this hack, so you can make this version as well! For the back of the quilt coat, I started by making a baby sized Spyglass quilt. I love the pieced triangles in Spyglass, they add some really nice interest!

Spyglass calls for 8 fabrics plus backing, but since I was trying to match Riley’s coat as closely as possible, I only used 4 fabrics. I simply doubled the fabric requirements for each fabric (using a 1/2 yard instead of a FQ of each). When laying out the blocks, I worked to get a nice randomized pattern where not one fabric was overly dominant in any part of the quilt.

Quilt fabrics:

  • Add it Up in Glow (Cotton & Steel)
  • Add it Up in Sea Glass (Cotton & Steel)
  • Kona Everglade
  • Moda Bella Scarlet
  • Background is Kona Navy

For the lining/backing of the quilt, I chose to use a really cute and comfy flannel. This is actually a flannel bedsheet! If you’re new to using bedsheets for quilt backs, check out my post on the subject! Not only did I use this fabric for Riley’s lining (I mean, we are making matching coats here!) but I knew I’d appreciate the extra warmth.

For the coat, I used the Patchwork Chore Coat pattern in size Small. I lengthened it 5″ and added a zipper instead of a button closure. I’m wrote a blog post that details all the changes.

I love the three piece hood that comes with the Patchwork Chore Coat pattern! A three piece hood always fits so much nicer than a two piece hood and lays nicely against the back of the coat.

I chose to keep the front and sleeves of the coat a single fabric with no embellishments. I wanted the back of the coat to be the focal point and star of the show. However, I couldn’t help but add contrasting binding and I really love that pop of red!

The Patchwork Chore Coat comes with really long sleeves, which is intentional! The pattern has instructions on how to shorten the sleeves (or lengthen) but personally, I love cuffing them to show a peek at the lining inside.

Simply cannot deal with the fact that Riley and I match!!! With hoods! It is hard to pick a favorite Patchwork Chore Coat version because they’re all slightly different, but I really really love this Spyglass Patchwork Chore Coat. It is more fitted than my other two versions (which are both size Medium) but not constrictive, and the flannel lining adds warmth, as does the extra length. I do live in Wisconsin, after all! Warmth is an important factor!

The entire coat has bound seams for both comfort and to keep the inside of the coat neat and tidy! I bound all the inner seams with the same red fabric as the outer binding, and that pop of red makes me smile every time I put on the coat! My zipper is not reversible, however, so this particular jacket isn’t reversible (although the pattern does have a reversible option). You could definitely make it reversible by using a reversible zipper.

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