Stripe Matched Binding | A Tutorial

Most of the time, I don’t bother to match my binding strips. But that all goes out the window when I’m dealing with stripes. A mis-matched stripe on the join of two binding strips is very noticeable! Luckily, it is very easy to match up your stripy binding, and doesn’t take much more time!

You’ll need your strips, pre-cut, and an Elmer’s washable glue stick. I cut my strips at 2.5″ wide here but 2.25″ will work as well.

I’m using Riley Blake Designs 1/2″ stripes in this tutorial, but it works with all stripe widths. This tutorial assumes you’re making double-fold binding for quilting.

1. Start by pressing one edge of a binding strip to get a 45 degree fold line. When pressing, make sure that fold past the selvage.

2. Using the glue stick, apply a small amount of glue to the edge you just folded, match it up on another binding strip and glue in place.

3. Unfold your pressed strip and sew on the fold line.

4. Trim 1/4″ past your sewing line.

5. Gently un-stick the glue and press the seam open to minimize bulk.

6. There you go! Stripes that match! Or in my case, mostly match. 😉 You can use this technique to make color blocked stripes, too! Repeat the steps until you have one continuous strip of binding fabric, then fold in half and bind your quilt with your preferred method.

8 thoughts on “Stripe Matched Binding | A Tutorial

    1. Without seeing the fabric, it is hard for me to tell, but I would say to make it look close, and to focus on matching up one side. Remember that people only see 1/4″ of binding, so if you get it close it will look like it matches.

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