Big-Stitch Hand-Binding Variation | A Tutorial


So now you’ve mastered Big-Stitch Hand-Binding and you’re looking for more. Well, look no further! Today I bring you a big-stitch hand-binding variation, a modified blanket stitch. This method of binding provides so much amazing texture and depth to the edge of your quilt! So, let’s get started!

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Christmas Tote Bags | A Finished Project

BD346D3F-C86E-451D-BF6C-1908D8BEF268I don’t know about you, but at Christmastime, my tree doesn’t look anything like those in the magazines. Sure, there’s gifts under the tree, but I try to keep them in neat-ish piles, because if I don’t, I inevitably forget to bring a gift somewhere. So this year, I hauled out my reusable tote bags and stuffed them with the gifts meant for each party and occasion we were going to. “This bag is for Christmas Eve at my parents, and this one is for Christmas Day at my in-laws. This one needs to go to my friend when we see her on her birthday, and this one…” Well, you get the idea. And although this made me more organized, the bags weren’t really festive, which bummed me out.

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Big-Stitch Hand-binding | A Tutorial


The one thing I get asked about more often than anything else is how to do chunky, big-stitch hand-binding. I’ve fielded every question, such as: does it go through all the layers? Do you use a special needle? What thread is best? I’ll be answering all your questions and more today!

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Spiderweb Free-motion quilting tutorial and a Halloween quilt


I finished this year’s Halloween quilt, a lovely four-patch variation in Cotton & Steel fabrics. My other Halloween quilt has more orange in it, so I wanted to make one that didn’t incorporate orange. I think the pink adds a striking note to this quilt. Continue reading “Spiderweb Free-motion quilting tutorial and a Halloween quilt”