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2021 Year in Review

Happy New Year! Here’s my 2021 Year in Review! I love doing these Year in Review posts because they allow me to reflect back on the accomplishments of the previous year. I always feel a lot of pride when I see how little steps, taken every day can result in such a beautiful outcome at the end of a year. PS: Use my FREE Printable Quilt Tracker to track your WIPs! It makes it soContinue reading

2020 Year in Review

Full disclosure, I’m writing this blog post as we head into 2022. Apparently at the end of last year I didn’t feel like creating a year in review post. Maybe I was just looking to firmly put 2020 in the past and never speak of it again? However, so much good stuff also happened that a 2020 Year in Review is warranted. 2020 was the year I introduced paper patterns and scaled up my business.Continue reading

2019 Finished Quilts

I finished 37 quilts (!!) in 2019. That number astounds me, because when I started quilting I never thought I’d make close to 40 quilts in a single year. If you want to make 2020 the year you keep track of your WIPs, you can download my free printable, which is what I personally use as well! I count a completed quilt as one that got finished within that year. So although some of theseContinue reading

2018 Year in Review

2018 has been an amazing year for my quilting adventures. I turned my hobby into a business, Patchwork & Poodles, started this blog, and released my first pattern. I want to thank all of you for following along, cheering me on, and sharing my work with your friends. Today is also my golden birthday! That’s right, I’m thirty years old today. I’ve been saying for months that thirty is going to be a good year,Continue reading