Tree Garland Table Runner | Free Tutorial

Free tutorial for the Tree Garland Table Runner!

‘Tis the season! This tree garland table runner has been brewing in the back of my mind for quite some time. I love the idea of something neutral, festive, and classy all at once that will go with a variety of holiday decor. And bonus! I’ve turned the tree garland table runner into a free tutorial for you!

This tutorial makes (1) 15.5″ x 71.5″ table runner. You can vary the size to fit your table by making it longer or shorter. Be advised you may need more fabric.

big stitch quilting makes this tree garland table runner simple and classy
big stitched tree garland table runner
Finished tree garland table runner


Supplies needed for the tree garland table runner
Festive and fun DIY - this tree garland table runner comes together quickly!


1. Print the Tree Garland template at 100% scale. Check printing using the 1 inch box on page 1 of the template. Tape all 3 pages together and cut the trees out, keeping them attached in a garland.

tape together the tree garland template
Cut out the tree garland template

2. Cut main fabric into (2) 16″ x 72″ rectangles. Cut interfacing into (1) 16″ x 72″ rectangle and fuse to the wrong side of (1) main fabric rectangle.

3. Using the main fabric with the fused interfacing, trace the tree garland down one long side of the fabric. You’ll be tracing the trees on the right side of the fabric. Start your first tree about 1″ away from the top edge and 1″ away from the side edge of your fabric.

Use the tree garland template to trace your trees onto your fabric

4. When you reach the last tree, make a mark where the line is indicated on the trunk. Repeat the entire garland again, lining up the mark on the first tree with the drawn line from the last tree. This helps to keep the garland straight. Trace the trees until about 1″ away from the edge of the fabric. You should get about 2.5 repetitions of the template.

5. Repeat for the other side of the fabric, starting from the side you just ended on. Your trees will face opposite directions.

trace the tree garland template on your main fabric

6. Once all the trees are traced, you’re ready to stitch! Using 12 weight thread stitch big stitches around all of the trees. You’ll notice that the trunk of one tree helps to form the top of the next tree, giving it a continuous look. You’re going through both the main fabric and the fused interfacing.

table runner all stitched with big stitch quilting

7. Place both main fabric pieces right sides together and machine stitch all the way around using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave about a 4″ gap on one long side of the table runner.

8. Turn the table runner right side out and press. Stitch the opening closed (I stitched by hand with a ladder stitch). Post on Instagram using the hashtag #treegarlandtablerunner

The finished tree garland table runner
tree garland table runner brings festive decor to your table
tree garland table runner diy

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