two color baby modern crossing quilt

Two Color Baby Modern Crossing Quilt

two color baby Modern Crossing quilt

I love the versatility of the Modern Crossing quilt pattern due to its three variations and two sizes – so many possibilities! For this baby quilt, I used the two-color variation. This two color baby Modern Crossing quilt came together super fast! Using a print fabric as the background fabric added a good amount of whimsy, too!

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A two color baby Modern Crossing quilt

This two color baby Modern Crossing quilt was the first version I made to test my math and see if this crazy idea of mine would really turn out. I used fabric I had on hand, and I’m so glad I did, because I love the floral background fabric!

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The fabrics I used in this Modern Crossing quilt:

  • Color 1: Kona Silver
  • Background: A floral print from Hobby Lobby. I know, that’s the least helpful fabric description ever. Unfortunately Hobby Lobby doesn’t name their fabrics or collections, and I can’t find it anywhere on the internet!
  • Binding: Kona Old Green
  • Backing: Kona Old Green
hand quilting and machine quilting on this baby Modern Crossing quilt.

Using a bright, floral background made this two color baby Modern Crossing quilt look completely different than every other Modern Crossing quilt I’ve made before.

This quilt was first machine quilted through the “chain” portion of the quilt and then I used DMC Perle Cotton thread in size 12 for accents around the pluses. If you’re new to hand quilting, or need to finish a quilt in a relatively short timeline but love the look of hand quilting, this is a good way to go! You still get that lovely hand quilted touch, but the quilt doesn’t take nearly as long to complete as a fully hand quilted quilt would.

Want to learn hand quilting? I’ve got a ton of handy resources to get you started!

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