unruly nature nordic star quilt

Unruly Nature Nordic Star Quilt

This Unruly Nature Nordic Star quilt came out of my partnership with Ruby Star Society. They featured Nordic Star in this new Unruly Nature fabric collection in their lookbook, and I was able to actually sew one up! Unruly Nature was designed by RSS Guest Designer Jen Hewett. The collection is soft, beautiful, and complex.

For my Nordic Star quilt, I selected fabrics from the yellow, peach, and pink colorways. It reminds me of pink strawberry lemonade on a summer night. I love that this Unruly Nature Nordic Star quilt is a perfect counterpart to the cover quilt which was created in blues and teals. I now have a warm and a cool version of Nordic Star! (And a holiday version too).

If you want to make one too, here’s what you’ll need. This is included in the paper version but not the pdf of Nordic Star:

Nordic Star is SO much fun to put together. The blocks are more effort than some of my other patterns, but seeing every single one come together is such a joy. I love the breathing space that the background provides to the star, and how the borders of the block create a secondary design within the quilt.

I finished my Unruly Nature Nordic Star quilt top in record time but I’ll admit quilting it has taken longer. I wanted to hand quilt it to maintain the soft and organic feel of this quilt. Other projects crept up and the half-quilted quilt…sat. I finally finished it recently and it is a real beauty!

Every Nordic Star quilt can make a second quilt, Wonderie! Instructions for both quilts are in the quilt pattern. Lots of HST trimming later, I was ready to make Wonderie!

I had some extra fabric, so I decided to make 6 extra Wonderie blocks. I wanted the quilt to be a little wider, a little bigger. 6 extra blocks seemed like a simple solution to achieve it!

You can see in the images below the original on the left, and my wider version on the right. I played around with the ombre to decide what colors to create the additional blocks. I ended up making (1) Color 1, (1) Color 2, (2) Color 5, (2) Color 6 extra. I’m really pleased I made it wider!

I gave this Wonderie quilt for my mom to hand quilt. I am a huge fan of companion quilts and this one feels especially special. Both quilts are made from the same fabrics. Both quilts have the same fabric design as the backing, but in two different colorways. Both quilts were bound in the same color, and both were hand quilted. The Nordic Star quilt was quilting with Aurifil 12 weight in #5003 and the Wonderie quilt used #2840. I’ll have to do another post soon with final quilt pictures!

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