What I’ve Been up to Lately: November 2021

I did one of these blog posts earlier this year, and it was a fun way for me to keep track of what I was working on and show all of you the projects that don’t always end up on the blog. Here’s What I’ve Been up to Lately 2.0!

This Fairmount Shacket I’ve worn everyday

This was a last-minute, day-before-leaving-for-a-trip sort of sewing affair. I finished it although not quite as I didn’t get the buttons sewn on before we left. I’ve worn this Fairmount Shacket every day since I made it. It is warm, cozy, and not at all constricting.

I used a cheap flannel from Hobby Lobby as last-minute sewing means I was very limited on purchasing options. What I was mainly looking for was a thick flannel and this one, although not my favorite colors, did the trick. There will be more shackets in my future, that’s for sure.

A Zipper Pouch as a Gift:

My sister asked for a zipper pouch for her birthday. She was specifically looking for one that would fit in her purse and hold her first aid kit. I used an 8″ zipper and cut my panels to 9″ W x 7.5″ H, with 1″ squares cut out of the bottoms to form the boxed corner. I used a whole bunch of red/pink/coral solid scraps and sewed it with the quilt-as-you-go method. I love how it turned out!

Lots and Lots (and lots) of Hot Chocolate Bombs:

I’ve deeply fallen into a Hot Chocolate Bomb rabbit hole. An ultimate how-to post on these is coming soon!

Christmas Stockings:

I’ve been trying and testing different Christmas Stockings using my free pattern. Some of these will end up as free patterns/tutorials and some won’t. They’ve been a really fun way to stretch my creativity!

The Second in the Holiday Quilted Buntings!

Following the Boo Bunting for Halloween, we have a Christmas themed version coming soon! And just like the Halloween one, this pattern will have step-by-step video instruction for constructing all the blocks and making the bunting.

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