WIP-busting! Projects I’ve been up to lately…

Ever get the WIP-busting bug? Where you just want to finish up a whole bunch of half-done projects? I caught the bug the last couple of weeks and have been finishing up projects left and right. BOY does it feel good! I thought it would be fun for me to show you what I’ve been up to!

Organic Hand Quilting

An organic hand-quilted wholecloth quilt

This quilt has been 75% hand quilted for far too long. I finally took the time to finish hand quilting the last few inches, trimmed it square, and zig-zagged around the raw edges. All that’s left is binding, I just can’t quite decide what color binding I should do so it might sit like this for a while. Luckily since the edge are zig-zagged it is perfectly fine to use as-is. I mean I WILL bind it… someday. Want to see more of this project? Click here.

Cloth napkins for the kitchen

hand stitched cloth napkins for the kitchen

I made four cloth napkins a long time ago for our kitchen, and a friend of mine gifted me some more fabric (they were little fat eighth cuts we both received at Quiltcon in 2019.) I had already washed and trimmed them to size, but had yet to stitch them up! They’ve been a great project while I watch TV at night. Now we have 8 cloth napkins that match! This was one of my favorite WIP-busting projects because it was so satisfying to finally have them done!


A set of 4 scrappy coasters with hand quilting

I used my friend Homemade Emily Jane’s scrappy coaster tutorial for these guys. Although they were technically finished, my plan was always to add hand quilting to give them another layer of interest. And NOW I think I can call them done.

A Baby Spyglass Quilt

A baby sized Spyglass quilt with animal prints

This baby Spyglass Quilt has actually been basted for months. The first hold-up was getting the right hand quilting thread color. And then life got busy and it was set aside. I’m happy to say it is finally all quilted and bound (major kudos to my past self for having pre-made the binding, you’re the real MVP in this story).

Patriotic Placemats

patriotic flag placemats with hand quilting

Several years ago (sensing a theme here in my WIPs?) my mom and I both made patriotic flag quilts using Thimble Blossom’s Stars and Stripes quilt pattern. We had extra fabric so we made extra blocks, with the idea that we’d have the ability to better mix and match. When my quilt was completed, I was left with 4 extra blocks, so I turned them into placemats! Honestly, when I dug these out recently, one was completely finished. One had the binding half sewn, one had the binding sewn on the front but not to the back, and the final one was hand quilted, but not trimmed or bound. So one by one I finished them up! I had fun with the binding on the back, doing some hand-binding variations.

Sock Mending

A pair of mended socks

This is the first pair of socks I ever knit for Jason. I’ve made him 3 more pairs since then, but these remain his favorites. The last time he was wearing them, I saw that the ball of the foot was wearing thin. (I had already previously mended the heels on both socks). I did some proactive mending with a duplicate stitch patch on each of the socks – hopefully this will give him more wear out of them. It is always easier to mend socks before they form a hole! A stitch in time saves nine is actually an accurate statement when it comes to mending.

OMG I’m Knitting Again: Lumme Socks

hand-knitted socks

I started quilting when I gave up knitting years ago. Or more specifically, I was getting a ton of wrist pain from knitting and found a different creative outlet (quilting) and dove in deep with that. However, I’ve wanted to dip my toes into knitting again, and found this lovely sock pattern so that’s been on my needles. I had to dust off my colorwork skills but I’m having so much fun that I want to make a second pair now. However, I’m really trying to take it slow with these and take lots of breaks to stretch out my wrist in the hopes that I won’t aggravate my old knitting injury. These are the Lumme Socks and you can find them on Ravelry.

So there you have it! All the WIPs I’ve done and dusted recently! It has felt really good to go on this WIP-busting spree and get these projects out of my sewing room and into the world. I still have a lot (ahem, a lot a lot) of WIPs around here, but maybe I can keep up my enthusiasm and complete them all once and for all. Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking, but I’ve really finished a ton in the last few weeks. And it wasn’t hard, since most of them were half or more done. What about you? Have you ever gotten the WIP-busting bug?

One thought on “WIP-busting! Projects I’ve been up to lately…

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love it all!!! The quilting on your coasters, the fun binding on the placemats….coasters and napkins have been on my to-make list for awhile. I am definitely feeling the WIP-busting bug too! And I currently have *two* Modern Crossing quilts in progress, and fabric for a third (Christmas quilt!), plus many, many other WIPs.

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