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Up to this point, I’ve been using a very old, very handed-down-to-me ironing board for all my quilt pressing needs. It was fine. Not great, definitely not spectacular, but fine. And honestly, I didn’t know there was a better option out there.

(I received a free mat from Project Wool, but all opinions remain my own. I only promote products I personally use and love.)

Enter: a wool pressing mat. Oh my stars, I really was missing out all this time. What makes a wool mat better than an ironing board?

  • The wool felt “grips” the fabric, so in the case of anything on the bias (I’m looking at you, half square triangles) they don’t get as wonky after being pressed as they would on a traditional ironing board
  • The wool absorbs heat which helps to “press” your fabric from both sides, which results in crisper seams! I no longer have to flip my fabric and press again, one press and done!
  • You can use it on any surface
  • Portable! The mat measures 14″ x 14″ which is perfect for throwing in your bag for quilt retreats and guild sew-ins

Okay, but why Project Wool? Why not any mat company?

  • The owners of Project Wool are SUPER transparent about what goes into their mats. Wool mats aren’t 100% wool, if they were they would warp. Other companies use low-grade fillers which scorch your fabric or the mat over time. Project Wool sourced out not only the best quality wool for their mats, but also the best quality fillers so that your project is safe!
  • Mats are made in the USA!
  • The owners are super honest and easy to contact. I love supporting a small business with great customer service.

So.. any downsides?

  • Just one thing to note. Project Wool’s pressing mats are recently made, which means when you first open the package, you’ll notice the wool smells, well, like you would expect a pen full of sheep to smell. The fresh-wool smell doesn’t transfer to your fabric and dissipates over time. Just don’t be alarmed – it means the mat hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for two years!

I love my mat so much I actually sponsored a giveaway when Misty Mountains released and one lucky winner on Instagram got one of their own! Want one too? Project Wool is offering a 10% off coupon when you use the promo code POODLES10. Get your coupon and your mat on Project Wool’s website!

Do you use a wool pressing mat or an ironing board? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Wool Pressing Mat | Product Review

  1. I have a wonderful Project wool Mat…I wish it were the size of my ironing board. Love it sooooo much!

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