Woven Hearts – Stay Gold Version

Woven Hearts modern heart quilt in RSS fabric

When my Woven Hearts quilt pattern first released, I really thought that it was probably best suited for solids or blenders. The pieces are on the smaller side, so they worked well with solids. However, when Ruby Star Society showed me their upcoming collections, I knew I had to mock it up in Stay Gold by Melody Miller, and really fell in love with the mock-up! Happily, I got to translate that mock-up into a real heart quilt!

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As an aside, mock-ups are great because I’m able to take fabric swatch jpegs from fabric companies (that are to scale) and plop them into Illustrator into my to-scale quilt pattern and get a really good idea of how the quilt will turn out. Here’s a side-by-side of the mock-up and the finished quilt. You can see that the fabric and block scale correspond from mock-up to real-life. As a pattern designer who wants to make ALL. THE. QUILTS. but simply doesn’t have the time, mock-ups help me to play out ideas and colors and find a winning combination before I ever whip out the rotary cutter.

Heart Quilt Fabrics:

For this version of Woven Hearts, you’ll need the following fabrics from the Stay Gold collection by Ruby Star Society:

  • RS 0024-14M  Blossom-Merry – .5 yd
  • RS 0024-17M  Blossom-Vintage Blue – .5 yd
  • RS 0023-15  Morning-Turquoise – .5 yd
  • RS 0021-11  Meadow-Florida – FQ
  • RS 0022-17M  Sparkle-Evergreen – FQ
  • RS 0023-13  Morning-Merry – FQ
  • RS 0024-13M  Blossom-Orange – FQ
  • RS 0023-12  Morning-Goldenrod – FQ
  • RS 0022-11M  Sparkle-Goldenrod – FQ
  • RS 0020-14  Flutter-Peacock – F8
  • RS 0021-15  Meadow-Peacock – F8
  • RS 0020-13  Flutter-Kiss – F8
  • RS 0022-15M  Sparkle-Peacock – F8
  • Binding: RS 0021-16  Meadow-Jade
  • Background: RS0005-33M Spark – Shell
  • Backing: RS0018-14M Shimmer Floral Peacock
Gingham hearts effect
Woven Hearts flimsy

Quilt Details

Woven Hearts is strip based and actually goes together pretty fast! It is a super fun and modern heart quilt pattern. I love picking fabrics to make up the gingham part of the hearts, the effect always looks so cool in the end!
I had a hard time choosing my favorite block, they all turned out so much better than I imagined!

For the backing I chose one of the large-scale prints from the collection. I thought that the pop of blue on the back would be a nice contrast to all the white space on the front. Funny enough, I didn’t plan on pattern matching the back because I had juuuust enough fabric to be able to send it out for quilting, and when I pieced it I realized that the two halves were in the right spot to match anyway! So, I ended up re-doing the back seam for that perfect, seamless, pattern-matched look.

Woven Hearts quilt top
Ruby Star Society Stay Gold fabric
Woven Hearts modern quilt
Modern heart quilt pattern

I did something I rarely do with this quilt – I got it professionally longarm quilted! I usually quilt all my own quilts, but being a bit short on time these days, I decided to treat myself and send this one out. I’m so glad I did! My longarm quilter had a super fast turnaround and did a beautiful job! If you’re in the Appleton, WI area, check out Bobbins and Batting longarm quilting. I sent her two quilts and she’ll definitely get a ton more in the future!

I picked a geometric pantograph to play off the gingham of this heart quilt. I’m really, really happy with how this quilt turned out, from the colors and fabrics to the quilting and binding. It is so modern, bright, and fresh! I have scraps leftover from this fabric collection and I’m brainstorming how to best use them up! They were so cheery to quilt with, and a great color palette as we head into summer.

woven hearts quilt in RSS fabric
gingham heart quilt
ruby star society stay gold fabrics
modern heart quilt

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I’m happy to quilt for you anytime…you are a wonderful piecer and designer!

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