Visible Mended Jeans | A Finished Project

I’m a big fan of taking care of your belongings and making them last as long as you can, it is something that Jason and I try to live out every day. Jason’s computer is 14 years old, our TV is at least 10 years old, and we have a lot of vintage items found in thrift stores in our house that we use on a daily basis. When possible, buy used, and when not possible, buy quality so that it lasts.

In the past, however, I’ve found mending to be one of those chores I just couldn’t get excited about. Sure, I know how to sew, and fixing a hole in a pair of shorts only takes about 5 minutes, but I lacked the enthusiasm to actually make it happen. Recently, however, I’ve stumbled upon visible mending and I’m hooked! The idea is that when mending clothes, to make the mend be part of the garment. The mend is supposed to be seen! Instead of invisible ladder stitches and hidden patches, people who practice visible mending use bold fabrics and chunky threads in fun, geometric designs. Continue reading “Visible Mended Jeans | A Finished Project”