Printable Color-Your-Own Valentines (Free!)

printable color-your-own valentines are candy free!

I have something a little different for you today! If you’re looking for a DIY candy free valentines option for your kid’s school party, this is for you! My free printable color-your-own valentines are here! There’s two different options for you to use.

Printable Color-your-own Valentines are a great gift for kids because it gives them an activity to do (win), without the sugar high (double win!). Pair this printable color-your-own valentines with crayons or other coloring utensils and you’re good to go! Have your kids help in writing in the To and From lines.

I printed my valentines on cardstock, but you can definitely print them on regular paper too. The other benefit is that because they are color-your-own, the whole valentines prints in black ink only. Woohoo!

I also think that these printable valentines would be SUPER fun to gift to your favorite quilty BFFs! Pair them with a fun spool of Aurifil thread, a colorful fat quarter, or a few wonder clips to tell all your friends how much they matter to you.

printable quilt color your own valentine

For kids, these printable color-your-own valentines would be fun to package up with little 4-packs of crayons, but you can also buy a large container of crayons and divy them up. Or use other coloring items, such as markers, colored pencils, or mini paint kits. Simply tape or tie a bundle of crayons together with the printable and you’re done!

I kept the wording on these printable color-your-own valentines gender neutral and uplifting. Valentines have come a long way since I was a kid. I remember the ones in the box that said something like “you light up my world, valentine!” and I was always worried that if I gave them to the boys in my class they would think I liked them.

printable coloring page valentines

These valentines are based off my Graffiti Hearts quilt pattern! I created coloring pages to help you plan your quilt but then thought they would make a super fun coloring page/valentine! There’s two options available for you to print in the download. The first is a color-by-number valentine with 4 colors so you would need at least 4 crayons. The second page is a coloring page valentine so it doesn’t matter how many crayons you pair with it :).

color-by-number valentine printable

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