Quilted Coasters | Quick and Easy Tutorial

Need a fun and quick gift? Look no further than quilted coasters! The batting inside absorbs any condensation from a drink, and they are washable, which means they’ll always look like new! Quilted coasters are a great way to practice your binding skills or try a new technique!

I wrote this tutorial to use up a free motion quilting practice sandwich. My hope is that if you want to learn free motion quilting, you’ll jump right in! This is also a good use of leftover quilted material from making a quilt coat! If you’ve got scraps from your quilt coat, this is a perfect way to use them up!

Coasters finish at 5″ square.

What You Need:

  • (4) 5″ quilted squares – you can cut these from a free motion quilting practice sandwich. If you don’t have one handy, baste together (2) 11″ square fabrics with batting in the center and quilt as desired. Then cut (4) 5″ squares from quilted piece
  • Scrap binding pieces – each coaster needs approximately 22″ long piece of scrap quilt binding.

The How-To:

1. Choose a binding fabric and sew all around the front of your coaster, like you would for a quilt. It can be difficult to join binding ends on such a small piece. You may prefer to join them with a straight seam or use this nifty binding trick.

2. Press binding to the back of the coaster, and clip or pin in place.

3. Stitch binding down to secure in place. This is a fun time to try big stitch binding if you’ve never done it! Repeat for remaining coasters!

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