Half Square Triangle Guide + Free Pattern!

Ah, the Half Square Triangle, or HST. Such a classic and versatile quilt block! There are about as many ways of making HSTs as there are of incorporating them into a quilt. 8-at-a-time, 4-at-a-time, and 2-at-a-time (also called “traditional method”) are three of the most popular ways to create HSTs. Lucky for you, I’ve created a Half Square Triangle Download (with quick guide!) to help you keep all the methods straight.

Update! The HST guide is still available and is a great download to get started with making HSTs. However, if you are looking to skip the quilt math, check out the Half Square Triangle Calculator.

You can download the free printable guide here! It runs through each of the three most popular methods, including handy formulas for creating your own HSTs. Want to make 2.5″ HSTs with the 8-at-a-time method? (Or any other size?) I’ve got you covered! Or maybe you want to use the 4-at-a-time method. Sky’s the limit.

The guide comes with a very handy one-page quick guide, designed for you to print out and stick to the wall next to your sewing machine so it is always ready for your next HST adventure.

Plus! To practice your HSTs, I’ve designed a fun quilt pattern for you. And it is also FREE! Yup! You read that right! The Ships in the Night mini quilt uses all three methods of HST construction so you get a chance to practice them all. It clocks in at 18″ finished, which is perfect as a wall decoration or a throw pillow!

I made mine in Paintbrush Studio Fabrics Painter’s Palette Solids in Goldenrod, Dark Sea Green, Bittersweet, Guacamole, and Linen. It is bound in Guacamole & backed in Peach.

I wanted to make the HSTs stand out so I hand-quilted my mini and I love how it turned out! Want to start hand-quilting yourself? Read all my tips and tricks!

If you make the quilt, use the hashtag #shipsinthenightquilt on Instagram!

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