Add Magnets to Kona Fabric Swatches | DIY

I don’t think my Kona fabric swatch guide lasted more than a week in my house before I started chopping it up. Of course, then the issue of storing it cropped up. Where would I put all these little fabric chips to keep from losing them? I decided to add magnets to the back of my fabric swatches and house them on a dry erase board in my craft room. Not only does it provide inspiration every time I walk by them, but it keeps me from losing them all around the house.


  • Kona fabric swatch guide
  • Rotary cutter with USED blade
  • Scissors
  • 14 adhesive 5″ x 8″ magnetic sheets (7 packages) I bought mine at Walmart


1. Using your rotary cutter and a ruler, cut your swatch guide into rows. You want to use a used blade here, because the paper will ruin a new blade.

2. Trim off the white cardstock end so that you have one end of the row that is flush with the fabric swatches. Then cut the rows so that you have 9 fabric swatches joined together.

3. Peel backing off magnet sheet. Stick 3 rows of kona swatches onto it. Each magnetic sheet holds 3 rows of 9 swatches (or 27 swatches).

4. Cut the rows apart, then cut each fabric swatch out individually. I choose to do this with scissors in front of the tv, but you could certainly use your rotary cutter here.

5. And there you have it! Magnetized fabric swatches! How easy was that? Repeat the process with the rest of the swatch rows. For the pieces you previously cut, piece them onto the magnet sheets until you fill up the sheet.

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